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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 19, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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relationship managers work hard to know your business. offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >>ica. world newsbbc america. reporting from washington, i am katty kay. they have endured. residents of boston have been warned not to go outside as police search for the suspect in the boston marathon bombing. the father of the boys defenses son -- his sons.
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>> only god almighty knows what really happens. >> we still do not know what motivated the attack. did the brothers of the lawn or is it part of a wider terror -- did the brothers act on their own, or is it part of a wider terror plot? we talk to the man in charge of homeland security during 9/11. on public our viewers television in america and also around the globe. the city of boston is nervous tonight. authorities have urged residents to stay indoors as they hunt the 19-year-old boy suspected in bombing.n marathon fled after hisev was shotther tamerlan
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in a confrontation with police. >> this is what terrorism can do. one of america's oldest cities, frozen, lockdown. businesses closed. troops of police to look ready for war. they are throwing everything at this, the police poured into one small suburb of boston, watertown. they are searching for this man, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he has lived here for years. the family came from chechnya originally. eas brother tamerlan is his uncles are calling for him to turn hims in. . >> if you are alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness from the victims, from the injured, and forgiveness from these people. >> the net) the two man hours after the fbi -- the net closed
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around two man hours after the fbi released photos. 10:30, the brothers tried to rob a 7-eleven store near the massachusetts institute of technology. then news a police officer was attacked. sean collier,26 years old, was shot as he s in his car. he died soon after. the brothers hijacked a car, and the chase that followed ended in watertown, 10 miles from boston. on the usually quiet suburban street, there was a fierce firefight, captured on mobile phones. the police were taking no chances. the innocent owner of the hijacked car was for a time treated as a suspect. tamerlan tsarnaev was fatally wounded.
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he died in hospital. >> the closed in around one guy. they got in position. >> w >> they were screaming at him. they all had their guns out. he was at the point where he was like this. finally, by the time the car came over, he finally laid down to go back on the ground, and that was said. >> the whole town has become a crime scene. the younger brother who escaped the shootout. >> you should be considered armed and dangerous and a threat to anybody he might approach. there is a 20-block perimeter around the location the chief is talking about. we are concerned with securing the area and making sure this individual is detained. bo be a teist. >> police just send out a message by atwitter that they
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are searching door-to-door and the situation is very fluid. after a long night, don came and so did more police. came and asserted more police. searching for one man, so dangerous apparently, they have lost to the whole of boston to stay home and off the streets. >> we are asking businesses not to open. we are asking people not to congregate outside. >> centimes have swarmed over a house in -- swat teams have swarmed over a house in cambridge, apparently a home at the brothers shared. the hunt has gotten a little desperate. it appears clear that the country will not go back to normal until he is caught. >> authorities are still trying to bill up a a clear picture of the spe more details are emerging about their backgrounds, but little is known about any possible motive.
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our security correspondent reports. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev, the 19- year-old who tonight is on the run from authorities, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. we now know on monday he and his brother were responsible for this. but the question remains. what do we know about the two men? the brothers live together in cambridge, a suburb of boston. they had been in america for a decade. the younger brother won a scholarship as a promising student after finishing school. one of his classmates told me she could not understand what had happened to him. >> if someone asked me to describe him, i would have only said good things about him. knowing he is the same person that committed such a horrendous
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crime and is continuing to do so throughout the day is absolutely mind-boggling. the elder of the two at 26 and may have had a daughter, shows more signs of disaffection. he said "i do not have a single american friend. i do not understand them. people cannot control themselves." the brothers are ethnically chechen. but the family left chechnya before one of the brothers was even born, and his father said that he was sure they had been framed. discovering if there's a link to an outside group as a top priority. a former official of the fbi and cia told me. haveere are things that we not found in termspele. 'check thr mail, their
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phone, the money. are there people they have touched who might have been an active part of the conspiracy or a passive part and in contact with others? >> investigators want to know if this was a homegrown attack by two disaffected american residents, or if there is disaffection from elsewhere. it is all about finding the final fugitive. >> so far, there are more questions than answers. we can look at the motives, but we just do not know. let's go to boston. my colleague laura trevelyan is there. boston is on lockdown. if must be very eery. >> yes, the police here in watertown are still going house by house, door by door. they completed 60%, 70% of their search. they also tell us they have received significant lead, which
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they are following up on now. we are expecting an update from the police shortly on the status of the investigation. in the meantime, people in watertown are in their homes. they are not going out. it is a surreal atmosphere. helicopters are circling overhead. this normally tranquil boston suburb is a crime scene. one obusiest cities in america. presumably there are people drive around the town, is it a ghost town today? >> yes. what is fascinating here, katty, is it what the motive of these two suspect was? how did be that two young men who were educated here, seemed to have such a grudge against the united states that it would undertake this complex plot and carry it through while they were
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residents? all week, it has been such a traumatic week for boston. people were asking at the beginning, who did this? now there are two prime suspect -- suspects, but the question remains, why? >> laura trevelyan. thank you for reporting all week in boston for us. as we have been reporting, there were brothers. tamerlan tsarnaev attended a public high-school in cambridge massachusetts. a short time ago, i spoke to one of his classmates about what he was like. >> by the second class, he -- he would sit with me and a few other people in a group, pretty much. outside of class, i would not speak to him. the first class, he was kind of by himself. again, it was a very big high- school. 30 ks. it can be tough sometimes to come in as an upperclassman, not
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as a freshman, an older person from a differentoury, and into this huge school population. it is understandable if he had trouble making friends. >> but by the second class, you had the impression he was spitting in better? >> he was definitely more animated. he cracked jokes all the time. i thought he was funny. a lot people in class but he was funny. he was very aggressively friendly. there was definitely a change. >> were you conscious of any muslim -- >> i did know he was muslim, but it was a very minute detail. it is like someone in united states who is a christian, but does not go to church and does not follow the religion with any kind of tenacity. so, i would say it was a very small detail about his life at the time i knew him. >> and he seemed to like
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america? or dislike it? he wantedseemed like to fit in. he wanted to be accepted. you do not really want that if you are averse to a country or society. >> keith rose in there who went to high school with tamerlan tsarnaev, the older brother who was shot during the night. for more on the investigation in boston, i spoke earlier to the former head of homeland security, tom ridge. >> how important is it to get inside their heads, to understand the psychology of these people? >> i think it is critically important. that interview was chilling in what its revealed. it revealed that these two men assimilated, at least superficially, to their environment, their friends, school, athletics. there wasothi unusual in their behavior. nothing unusual in their language to suggest that there
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was the slightest degree of unrest, any hatred, any anti- american. anything unusual about them. i am afraid this may signal perhaps another kind of terrorist, similaro wha they called grassroots terrorists. they are on assuming. they are assimilated. and we have immigrants that take advantage of the freedoms and liberties year. maybe they were not the way in 2009 and 2010. something may have turned them in the meantime. it is important to figure out what it was. >> ok, now that people are doing the job that he did for so long, the people trying to make america safe, how do you tackle this kind of threat when there's no intelligence beforehand? >> i think there is no way to be totally analytic about this kind of incident when there s no
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intelligence, no information, no signs. no signs about the individuals. there are only two ways this could have been avoided. had there been signs or were they were apprehended or cancel the marathon. i do not think democracies around the world, despite the trauma, the deaths, the fear, the horror, the anxiety -- at the is two individuals can have that much of an impact on the way we live, they will have succeeded. i suspect all the marathons' going on this week around the world, there will be heightened security. and every day, particularly in democracies, there are venues -- athletic, social, political, where thousands, tens of thousands congregate. perhaps greater security seen
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and unseen. i think we have to accept the difficult reality we will love to do with this in the future. >> there are plenty marathons going on this weekend. when you look at the pieces of the investigation, what we know so far, where you think we stand? does it look to you, does it feel to you like an organized plot? >> it is intriguing to me to figure out what the motive is, t then again you and i may not be able to rationalize the irrational. what is it that is so strong that you indiscriminately, randomly kill innocent people? whether or not he was driven by religious zeal -- wasn't a chechnya in connection between the united states and russia? we know the chechens have been fighting for independence. we know howong the military has reacted. we know the incidence with the
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chechens in the moscow theatre and the school and the public transit -- public transportation. is it political? as a religious? one thing i know that they want to know is where the older brother did wenturins six o the united states. er notes appr to be a strategic link to anything organized overseas, but it may be an ideological or operational peace. although you did not have to go overseas how to learn to build the bomb. it is pretty simple. it is not unusual. a lot of terrorists use family members to conduct activity. there is still much to be learned, and hopefully there are lessons to be applied to make our country safer and more secure. but we will never be immune from this kind of attack. their conduct, their exterior -- inside, they are entirely
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different people. we do not know how to deal with that, nor will we ever be able to confront it. >> and we still do not know what whit was domestic or international. tomidge, thank you for joining us. it is good to have you here. what a week it has been. you are watching bbc world news america. still to come on tonight's program. more on the boston bombings. what should be made of the fact that the is two brothers come from a chechen family? let's go to our other main story tonight. rescuers in texas are still searching for rubble in the hopes of finding survivors after a huge explosion of a fertilizer plants in the town of west. the bodies of 12 people have been recovered so far. >> the town of west is in mourning. it is a small place. everyone here knows someone who
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died in the explosion and their families. god is greater. >> neighbors supporting each other. a this community, we are family. it just makes us that much closer. >> several of the volunteers with the west -- several of the dead were volunteers with the west our department who were trying to fight the blaze over killed in the explosion. a sound grow around it. the force of the blast caused a great deal of damage. 200 were injured, but it would have been much worse if it happened a few hours earlier, when children were still at school. there's a huge amount of work that is still to be done. search and rescue is still going on. the structures will have to be
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demolished so people can return to their homes. this says a lot about the community that the emergency shelter was not needed. friends help out. many in the close-knit town believe this was a terrible accident, but the questions about what caused thecome sdead. bbc news. >> he succeeded hugo chavez after an election, and today nicolas maduro was sworn in as the new president of venezuela. fullents are demanding a recount of last sunday'poll. h this reports from caracas. there could be more violence.
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♪ timeser a noisy and at angry week, for half of venezuela, the w celebration. the presidential election was supposed to be a smooth transition to a successor to the charismatic revolutionary leader. instead, it ushered in a fresh. of uncertainty. periodshered in a fresh of uncertainty. to therdance with java's's final wish, he was installed as president. wear ay, and return to visibly shaken mr. maduro said he could have been killed. the opposition has called for a full manual recount. buthere is no doubt as toho
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won e election. >> they think they can defeat us, but they could not beat chavez, and they will not defeat us, ever. >> it is one of the biggest and most violent shantytowns and south america. here the state governor and very popular. thereay the election was and their candidate won it. -- they say the election was candidatehat their won it. the opponents say it was flawed and they demand a recount. one of those banging her pots and defiance is marjorie. she was a supporter of hugo and still hell -- decided to abandon the socialist revolution. my brother waso,
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killed. it still hurts. >> for years, venezuela has been split into those who loved java's and those who loathed him. the biggest challenge will be trying to govern across the divide. will grant, bbc news, caracas. >> let's go back now to our main story, that manhunt in boston. i am joined byurec correspondent. gordon, flew t washington on monday. you are here at the end of the week. where do we stand in this investigation? >> clearly we know a lot about those people who carried out this attack now. we know a lot about not just their names, but the backgrounds, their identities, what kind of people they are. it is amazing how much information you can get from social media now and the trail the people leave with their lives. that does not necessarily the best to definitive answers on
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why they did it, which i think has always been the crucial question. why would someone target the boston marathon? i think it is the extent to which these people are home grown radicalized -- just two brothers who were radicalized and decided to do this, or was this some sort of greater conspiracy? was there direction from abroad? i think the question is still unanswered and it is one of the key questions. >> what do you mean by radicalized, gordon? onet is a process where moose with ideas to the margins, and not as radical ideas, but radical ideas with violence to achieve their ends. there are other forms of violent extremism, but in this case, we are seeing not just buy and use, but violent radical use. that is an ideology. there are some signs that particular the older of the two
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brothers was looking at violent to hottest or -- violentjihadist >> it is fair enough to say that whatever motivated it, this was an act of terror. your understanding of the war -- how much does this incident affect your understanding of policy and security issues? but i think it will be interesting to see how that -- >> i think it will be interesting to see how that turns out in washington. e are talking about jihadists rather than anti-government extremists. people will be saying, what have we done since 9/11? could will be wondering, more have been done? should more have been done? have the right policies been pursued? how you deal with the issue of homegrown terror and people
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turning to violence? >> thanks very much. that does bring our show to a close. you can find all the developments on boston on our website. i am katty kay. have a great weekend. thank you for watching. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the comgo f overyears, fidelity investments, union bank, your personal economy is made up of the things that matter most, including your career. as those things change, fidelity can help you adjust your retirement plan. rethink and refocus as your career moves forward.
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